Hertzler Systems creates innovative enhancements to latest version of product.


Goshen, IN, December 12, 2012 – Hertzler Systems announced today that it has released GainSeeker® Suite Version 8.2, the latest version of the company’s flagship software for Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Six Sigma.

The new version consolidates charts, analytics and dashboards for all types of data in a single module. The new module features an updated design interface and many new options for creating charts and enterprise Dashboards.

Added features to SPC charts and DMS charts include the ability to save them together as a retrievable desktop, use the new Overpack Wizard to determine if a shift in process or reduction in variation could save you money over time, and a data brush to create a new chart using just the selected points, or exclude them from a retrieval.

The new design includes thirteen new Dashboard controls to allow users to display key performance indicators with interactive, color-coded, time-sensitive buttons, scrolling marquee windows, and other dynamic data visualization tools.

“Integrating all of the charting, analytics, and dashboards into a single module makes the entire system easier to use and more powerful,” said Evan Miller, Hertzler Systems’ CEO. “Plus the new graphics options are eye-popping,” he added.

The feature that Hertzler hears most of their customers rave about is the ability to support mobile devices for data collection. Collect data, add photos and notes, display dashboards, and more using an iPad or Android mobile device. This module also works in offline mode for locations without wireless access.