Unsurpassed software support—and Perks

HertzlerNet is your ultimate support plan for your GainSeeker® Suite software.

It’s a unique members-only quality community that provides you unlimited business-hours support from an experienced support specialist on the other end of the phone.

HertzlerNet members also get member perks.

HertzlerNet guidance how and when you most need it

  • Unlimited access to Hertzler Systems support services
  • Member-priority telephone, fax, and email support during normal business hours.
  • Includes new GainSeeker software releases and maintenance updates
  • Access to GainSeeker Tune-up services
  • Hertzler Systems-sponsored web seminars like Tech Tips LIVE
  • Online support via video conference with remote control available
  • Inspection and Template support (see below)

Data Entry Inspection and Template Support

  • Troubleshooting and repair of existing Inspections and templates
  • Assist with modifications to adapt to a new software version, if necessary
  • New Inspection design and layout is available to all GainSeeker customers, but it is not an included service with HertzlerNet membership
  • Assistance with data acquisition and transfer from an electronic device to GainSeeker software*
    *On occasion, we’ve found it necessary to request support from the device manufacturer to enable communication with the computer.

90-day HertzlerNet warranty included with new GainSeeker Suite software purchase

When you purchase new GainSeeker Suite software, you receive 90-day HertzlerNet warranty at no additional charge. When the warranty period expires, you can contract with Hertzler Systems to continue receiving all the great benefits of HertzlerNet through paid annual support membership.

Learn more about HertzlerNet

This page provides an overview of many of the great benefits GainSeeker customers enjoy as HertzlerNet members. Other conditions and limitations may apply to some of these features.

Product Support Life Cycle

A product is fully supported for two years after the release of the next version.

Ask a Support Expert

HertzlerNet members

Have a question about your GainSeeker® software?

Email support(at)hertzler.com or call 574-533-0571 ext. 2 for expert help from our support staff.