Tripping Over Data - GainSeeker Suite Software Tune-up, SPC Software Demo

GainSeeker® Suite Version 9.6

(Release Date: December 15, 2023)

Send to Microsoft Teams

You can now connect GainSeeker to channels in Microsoft Teams. This lets you post real-time failure alerts, charts, dashboards, dynamic reports, and other information in the Teams channel you specify.

Similar to the existing email features in GainSeeker, you can use the Send To menus in GainSeeker Charts, PC Collect, or Dynamic Reports 2 to send a chart, dashboard, or report to Teams.

Send To menu, Microsoft Teams
Chart posted to Microsoft Teams

You can also create a Windows shortcut to automatically send a GainSeeker chart, dashboard, desktop, or Dynamic Report to Teams.

A new Python teams command lets you construct your own messages with attachments and post them to Teams.

To post real-time data entry failures in Teams, you can set new properties on the sub-inspection and on Numeric Input tests, or use their corresponding new Python commands.

Posting a Real Time Failure message to Microsoft Teams

Show new Subgroup on linked charts before Submitting sub-inspection

The new DrawTempDataPoint inspection property lets linked Side Panel Charts display a completed subgroup as a new temporary data point.

This lets inspectors see where the new subgroup falls on the chart.

Data Entry control chart with new subgroup that has not yet been submitted

Report Traceability values in Real-time Failure notifications

You can use the new CheckFailureTraceability property and its corresponding Python command to automatically report traceability values in real-time failure notifications in email or Microsoft Teams.

Add traceability to real-time failure messages