Tripping Over Data - GainSeeker Suite Software Tune-up, SPC Software Demo

GainSeeker® Suite Version 9.5.1

(Release Date: March 1, 2023)

Search for related data

From one point on a control chart or one row on a data table, you can quickly find all related data for a serial number, work order, lot of raw materials, or any other traceability – without needing to create a filter.

Send to Power BI

GainSeeker now makes it easy to send data directly to Power BI by right-clicking on a chart window.

You can also create a Windows shortcut to automatically send a chart or desktop to Power BI.

Display multiple charts on one inspection side panel tab

Now you can make it easier for your inspectors to see the data they need by displaying multiple SPC or DMS charts on one side panel tab.

When configuring one group of SPC charts or DMS charts for the sub-inspection, a new Draw all charts in one panel check box lets you choose whether the charts in that group should each be displayed on a separate side panel tab or combined on one side panel tab.

If you modify existing inspections to combine charts on one tab, remember to update any Python scripts that use inspect.sidepanel commands referencing the name or index number of a tab, because you will have fewer tabs and the new tab will have a different name.

Import GainSeeker users from a file

Instead of manually creating one new GainSeeker user at a time, you can now import new users and most of their settings from a file.

This saves time when you need to create multiple users.

Python syntax checker

When editing a script, you can now run a simple syntax check by right-clicking the code window and then choosing Check Syntax.

This detects simple mistakes like mismatched quotes or parentheses; some incorrect commands, keywords, or function calls; etc.

Python script folders

Managing a long list of Python scripts just got easier with the addition of the new Script Folders tab, which lets you organize all of your scripts into a folder structure.

For example, you might use these folders to isolate production scripts from new revisions in development, to group together all of the scripts for a specific project, or to keep track of scripts that you re-use as code blocks within other scripts.

On this new tab, you will right-click on a folder   or script  for commands to perform familiar functions like creating, copying, exporting, or archiving a script. Additionally, you can now perform some of these functions like exporting or archiving on all of the scripts in a folder and its sub-folders. Still, other commands let you create folders, move scripts into folders, pin favorite folders, etc.