PC Collect is Hertzler Systems’ completely new application for performing inspections using a PC

“We did it for process management, but appreciated the increase in revenues we realized. My involvement with the Hertzler suite of tools spans 20 years and multiple deployments.

This is not a trivial tool to say the least; it is a vehicle that if properly implemented will change the way you think and do business.

As a contract manufacturer, the level of process control and traceability contributed to significant relationships with top Fortune 100 companies for their EMS requirements.”

Shaun Wurzner
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Korry Electronics

Powerful defect tracking applications. The GainSeeker platform enables you to:

  • Record defects using touch screens and push buttons, and other easy-to-use technology
  • Exchange data with other business systems to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Drill down to shift, lot, supplier, operator, location, any other meaningful data identifier to understand root cause
  • Track improvements over time towards Six Sigma improvement
  • Attach costs to defects and rework, and rank defects by frequency or cost.

Turn megabytes of test results into manufacturing intelligence you can use.

When it comes to Automated Test Equipment, GainSeeker turns megabytes of test results into meaningful information about exceptions and trends. This real-time data enables manufacturers to empower their workers to take immediate action before process problems produce poor quality.

171% ROI after 7 months

A professional audio equipment market manufacturer recouped its investment in GainSeeker software in under three months and enjoyed a 171% return on investment after seven months.

See how GainSeeker real-time data helped this company exceed its goals

Read the case studies below, or request a demo and see what GainSeeker® Suite can do for you.

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