We’ve been collecting product recommendations over at LinkedIn. This weekend Shaun Wurzner at Korry Electronics joined the conversation with these words:

“My involvement with the Hertzler suite of tools spans 20 years and multiple deployments. This is not a trivial tool to say the least; it is a vehicle that if properly implemented will change the way you think and do business. As a contract manufacturer; the level of process control and traceability contributed to significant relationships with top fortune 100 companies for their EMS requirements. We did it for process management, but appreciated the increase in revenues we realized.”

It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve known Shaun for 20 years, but it is true. We first met when he was with an electronics firm in Montreal back in the late ’80s or early ’90s. I’m grateful for his long history of support and experience with our product and company.

If you’re a Data Head with experience with GainSeeker Suite, I hope you’ll add your voice to the growing chorus. And while you’re there, please link to me and to Hertzler Systems.