This morning I opened my weekly update from LinkedIn and saw the following note: Jay Bronec is working on automating QualiFine’s KPIs by integrating our CRM and Web data using GainSeeker.

I fired off an email and asked Jay to fill me in. He called my a few minutes later from his car. In the middle of the conversation I turned on the tape recorder so you could hear Jay explain how he is automating KPIs using GainSeeker SPC Software.

Jay’s company, QualiFine, is the largest independent Minitab training program in the country. He is also an independent regional representative for our GainSeeker Suite. QualiFine is aligned with Hertzler Systems because Jay wants to help his customers reduce the cost and improve the value of the data they have in their organization.

In this podcast Jay describes his “A-Ha” moment when he realized that he is no different than his customers: his current data collection system is unsustainable and unable to help him make good business decisions.

The other thing that you’ll hear is a connection to Mike Webb’s vision of sales process improvement. Mike has a blog called Six Sigma Selling, and in it he draws the parallels between selling and manufacturing processes. For example, if you provide sales people with better raw materials you’ll have a better close rate. If Jay is successful with his KPIs he’ll learn a lot about his ‘raw materials’.

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