Precise, real-time automated data collection

When the data shuffle just isn’t cutting it, GainSeeker can connect you with your data. It eliminates a lot of guessing by turning manufacturing data into manufacturing intelligence.

Spot trends in the data and analyze it by defect count or defect cost.

The GainSeeker platform helps you gain control of your data and make sense from it, eliminating data backlog and delays. It easily integrates with your existing ERP systems and more.

“We noticed a huge improvement in tool testing capability within the first 10 days the software was implemented.

“I found Hertzler Systems more willing than others to work through any potential problem from the start and throughout the entire deployment.”

—Phil Kapalczynski, plant superintendent
Senior Flexonics – GA Precision. Wisconsin

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Phil Kapalczynski
Photo courtesy of Senior Flexonics – GA Precision

Photo courtesy of Senior Flexonics – GA Precision

Phil Kapalczynski, plant superintendent, Senior Flexonics – GA Precision, Wisconsin, demonstrates GainSeeker’s SPC real-time data collection software that’s used at this workstation to track tool life. GainSeeker sends real-time alert emails when a tool fails, meets, or exceeds expectations.

GainSeeker’s powerful defect tracking tools enable you to:

  • Record defects using touch screens and push buttons, and other easy-to-use technology
  • Exchange data with other business systems to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Drill down to shift, lot, supplier, operator, location, any other meaningful data identifier to determine root cause
  • Track improvements over time towards Six Sigma improvement
  • Attach costs to defects and rework
  • Rank defects by frequency or cost

See how GainSeeker benefits these high-precision machining companies:

  • Improve on-time delivery by 30% and reduce inventory by over 50% by uncovering optimization opportunities hidden deep inside your manufacturing supply chain processes.

  • We provide a system that captures data immediately across all aspects of the process so that visibility is improved and processes can be analyzed in more detail. Using this approach, one industrial products client reported these results: 30% improvement in on-time delivery, >50% reduction in inventory, and Cycle time for improvement projects accelerated by over 10%.

  • Hertzler systems established an integration process between GainSeeker and Exacto Incorporated's ERP system. Now scrap data from the ERP system is automatically extracted and loaded into GainSeeker. Exacto leadership can now quickly spot trends in the data, and drill down to the root cause of scrap problems, eliminating long delays.

  • Situation Senior Flexonics – GA Precision, Wisconsin, uses leading-edge technology to manufacture turned and complex metal components for the Aerospace, Medical, Construction, Agricultural, and Automotive markets. No dependable method existed for determining the tool life for each of the thousands of tools the company uses. Photo courtesy of Senior Flexonics - GA Precision [...]

  • Empowering operators with real-time, automated data and drill-down capabilities led to dramatic improvements in first-past yield and reduced scrap costs for a leading Precision Machining company.