Capterra Badge Link to Reviews of GainSeeker Suite SPC SoftwareHave you looked at the comments our raving fans have made about GainSeeker Suite SPC Software and Hertzler Systems on Capterra? We’ve earned a solid Five Star rating on this independent software review site. We’re pretty proud of that.

If you poke around the Capterra site, you’ll read comments like these from Danny Smith, TaylorMade Golf Ball Operations:

“GainSeeker software is key in every day decision making for our manufacturing operations. Because of it’s capability to quickly slice and dice the data, it allows us to stay on track. Even better than the software design has been the EXCEPTIONAL support we have received over the last 10 years.”

Or this one from Adrian Baker, Snyder’s-Lance:

“It’s been a great experience. Since installing the GainSeeker Suite we have save an average of $300,000 per year in first 8 years.”

Or Andrew Eller, Reynolds Consumer Products:

“Best SPC Software in the World – Yes, I know the title sounds a bit hyped. But the GainSeeker Suite from Hertzler System is really the best SPC software package that I have seen. I have worked with many packages over the years and GainSeeker Suite is hands down the easiest to use for our operators.”

And Jeremy Stanners, Hella, New Zealand:

“I must say that I am TOTALLY impressed by the support from Hertzler.”

Secret Sauce

Can I let you in on a secret? One of the reasons for this success is a decision we made several years ago: we do not pay sales commissions.

For most business leaders, getting rid of sales commissions sounds like business suicide. I think it is one of the keys to our success. Here’s what it means to you, and to us:

  • We attract great people to join our team instead of ‘professional sellers’ who have to sell to make ends meet.
  • Our team can have an authentic conversation with you about your specific business and honestly tell you if GainSeeker Suite SPC Software will be a fit for you, or if it won’t. It means the whole experience is no-pressure, and designed to help you find the best solution, period.
  • Folks who do end up as GainSeeker clients are more likely to become raving fans who tell their friends and write five-star reviews on Capterra.

We’ve found that life is more fun when you’re working as a united team to serve happy, enthusiastic clients. So even if we might sell more accounts by putting together a big, “no holds barred, take no prisoners” sales team, we don’t think it’s worth it in the long run.

We’re here to help

So if you’re thinking about upgrading your quality data system, our team can help you make a great decision.

A preliminary conversation and software demo typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes, and you can schedule it online right here.

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