If you’re struggling to make sense of manufacturing big data, you’re not alone.


A dashboard containing four GainSeeker Big Data widgets. Each can quickly organize vast amounts of data and spotlight problem areas and areas of excellence using color coding.

According to research published last year by The Economist, only 42% of manufacturers have what they consider to be a well-defined data-management strategy.

Even more striking, 86% report problems in managing the data they are now generating.

According to David Line, Managing Editor, Economist Intelligence Unit: “Manufacturing has been at the forefront of data collection and its importance to quality and cost control is well recognised. But collecting too much data, or failing to analyse what you collect, can be counterproductive.”

“Two-thirds report savings of at least 10% on their total cost of quality.”

Here are some other tidbits from the report:

  • Manufacturers have significantly ramped up their shop floor data collection. But the vast majority (86%) reported problems in managing the data they were now generating.
  • The good news is that the data that is being used is generating very positive results. Two-thirds report savings of at least 10% on their total cost of quality.
  • 35% reported difficulty integrating data from multiple sources and formats
  • Only 40% use data analytics to find solutions to production problems
  • 62% are not sure they can keep up with the large volume of data they can collect

The BDW (“Big Data Widget”)

I stumbled on this report as our development team was putting the final touches on the latest release of GainSeeker Suite, Version 8.4. The report seemed like a perfect framework for introducing one of the most significant features of that new release: “The Big Data Analytics dashboard control.”

That’s a mouthful, so I prefer to call it “The Big Data Widget” or even “The BDW.”

The Big Data Analytics Dashboard Control puts you ahead of the response curve by delivering an automated, prioritized summary of key issues or process changes, as they occur. You can drop The BDW onto a GainSeeker Dashboard, set a few properties to select data for a particular role, and it will sweep through that data and deliver a color-coded list of priorities and opportunities.

You’ll eliminate a lot of busy work. You’ll be able to surface issues faster so you can take corrective action sooner. All this supports your efforts to create a data driven culture.

GainSeeker Version 8.4

If you’re already a GainSeeker user and a member of HertzlerNet, you’re entitled to a free update to this latest release. To learn more, visit our Latest Release page for details on all the new capabilities, and to request your copy.

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