The CIO and Quality Manager's PerspectiveWe just released a new case study that highlights the top three reasons clients choose GainSeeker Suite SPC Software. Although this particular story comes out of the packaging industry, we see similar themes showing up across a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, sporting goods, aerospace, and others.

This case study is really two stories – or one story told from two perspectives: the CIO and the Senior Quality Manager.

Our client had acquired a new division with multiple production facilities. These facilities had a variety of information systems to perform similar business functions. There was no standardization across the division, and little in common with the new parent corporation. This meant the CIO was faced with supporting multiple legacy systems. He had a vision for a single, standardized quality and productivity data platform to reduce cost and overhead. He was well aware that this would be an unpopular decision because the acquired plants liked the way they did things. He expected resistance to change. However, based on prior experience with GainSeeker Suite, he was confident that a GainSeeker deployment would be easy. And once the users saw the new system he believed they’d embrace the change.

Meanwhile, the Senior Quality Manager was struggling. Like many multi-plant  manufacturing companies, the corporation was striving to create a more flexible supply chain. For the Senior Quality Manager, this was a very frustrating situation. Disparate systems made it very difficult to harmonize quality and capacity across the supply chain. He knew that GainSeeker Suite would give him the real-time knowledge he needed in order to create the flexible supply chain his clients were demanding.

Top Three Reasons for Choosing GainSeeker Suite

Taken together, these stories provide some important insights:

First, GainSeeker Suite makes it easy to move from being stuck behind archaic, disconnected legacy systems to connected, empowering, flexible systems. The ease of the conversion to GainSeeker Suite speeds the launch, and fuels the adoption. This makes it easier to realize the benefits provided by GainSeeker Suite.

Second, GainSeeker Suite provides unprecedented capacity to unlock insights hidden in data. Users gain far better insights into their manufacturing processes, and they get these insights faster. This enables them to drive business change faster.

Third, Hertzler Systems brings deep experience in a wide variety of industries. This expertise provides the foundation for our contribution to our client’s success.

Once you’ve read the case study, call us to explore how you can get out from under disparate legacy systems. We can help you discover the satisfaction and empowerment that comes from turning data into actionable intelligence.

By the way – if you haven’t already visited Capterra, take a few minutes to do so. Capterra is the leading independent B2B software review site. You can read our client’s candid assessment of GainSeeker Suite, and compare it to what users are saying about our competitors.