Hertzler Systems Helps Students Streamline Data Collection Process in an Innovative Way

Goshen, Indiana, December 3, 2012—Goshen College ecology students literally get knee deep with hand-on training by donning waders and collecting samples in the Goshen Dam Pond. This is part of a course project that allows them to collect and analyze the bacteria levels in the local water systems.

This process usually takes hours of handwritten notes and interpretation of the data. However, with software developed by Goshen-based Hertzler Systems Inc., the students can now enter the information in their iPads and the software tracks and analyzes the collected data.

The software is the same Hertzler Systems sells to manufacturing companies for Statistical Process Control (SPC) or Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

“Our aim for mobile was flexibility,” said Evan Miller, Hertzler Systems CEO. “The original design was for a cookie manufacturer, but we easily adapted it to boat manufacturing, and now the water monitoring project. We think it can work anywhere.”

“This is a great project and a wonderful opportunity for our students at Goshen College to practically apply what they learn about biology in the classroom to a real-world situation in their own backyards,” said Goshen College Academic Dean Anita Stalter.

“I am thankful for Hertzler Systems’ significant contribution to this project, which really allows technology to advance the collection and dissemination of this data about the water, so that what our students are learning can be collected efficiently and shared broadly. It has been a wonderful team effort for the betterment of the community.”

The data will be collected over a five-week period. The students will later form teams and present their ideas on how to best display the information to the general public via a website.