The other day, a long-time GainSeeker Suite customer emailed us and asked for help putting a trend chart on a dashboard grid. He had seen this in a demo, and wanted it on his desktop. Here is the kind of thing he was looking for:

War Room Dashboard of Real Time Failures using GainSeeker Suite SPC Software

(This dashboard is described in more detail in a recent blog post about Meeting Room Dashboards.

The support person on duty, Mel, set up an appointment with him, and invited him to a WebEx meeting.

Through WebEx, Mel was able to see and take control of the customer’s computer. In just a few minutes he had pulled up the appropriate screen and set it to one of the chart options. (To get to this in GainSeeker Suite v8.1 and earlier, open Design Dashboard. Then highlight one of the items on the list of “Selected Date Periods or Count” on the right side of the screen. The drop down the list circle in red, below.)

War Room Dashboard of Real Time Failures using GainSeeker Suite SPC Software

“We had 30 minutes set aside for the call,” Mel told me. “But about  eight minutes in, the customer said ‘Oh, now I get it!’. He hadn’t realized that he could have multiple columns on the dashboard, all with the same date range, and that he could report a different summary statistic in each column. Once he saw the drop down menu, he was off and running.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard a customer say to us something like: “What you showed me in the last five (or maybe eight) minutes is going to save me hours each week!” When I hear that, I experience such mixed emotions. On the one hand, I’m delighted that she had such a breakthrough. And on the other hand, I’m sorry that she had to live with whatever it was for so long.

The moral of this story is simple: Call us.  Sometimes I see customers flounder or accept less than they’re entitled to because they haven’t asked for help. GainSeeker is a rich and powerful tool set, honed through experience with thousands of users. Chances are,  you’re after something someone else has already encountered. And who knows, maybe in eight minutes or less you’ll have that aha moment that makes your life a lot easier, or your business more productive and successful. Call us.

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