Q.  What is the duration of the free GainSeeker software trial period?

A.  The free GainSeeker software trial can be used for 60 consecutive days. Throughout that period we’ll be available during our normal business hours to answer any questions and provide you with assistance. We work with you to help ensure your success.

Q.  What kind of hardware do I need to try it?

A.  Any 32-bit or 64-bit computer with Windows® installed works great. The software trial (and the full GainSeeker version) generally requires few computer resources.

Q.  If I choose to activate the full GainSeeker software version, will I retain all of the data collected during the trial period?

A.  Yes. You can retain the data you collected during the trial period. You can also keep any settings you selected during that time.

Q.  How do I convert to the full software version if I choose to?

A.  We’ll send you a full-version key (electronic or CD) that you can activate. There may be a substantial design and deployment process involved, depending on your needs. This is so that we can customize the deployment to steer you to success.

Q.  If I decide to go with the full GainSeeker version after the trial period, what costs can I expect to incur?

A.  GainSeeker customers usually experience a swift payback from their GainSeeker investment, sometimes within weeks or months. The amount of the initial investment varies from project to project due to differences in the complexity, scope, and other factors associated with individual projects. It is good to know that Hertzler also offers lease-to-own options for companies that may not have a new software system as a budget item at this time.

Examples of what SPC manufacturing intelligence software might cost

Q.  What is “Guaranteed Output: Data reporting”?

A.  At the end of the software trial training and set up, you will be up and running, automatically collecting data. You’ll have the ability to extract useful data in the form of charts, summary information, and related reports. Like others, you may even have an “Ah-ha!” moment where you instantly glean information about a process that could otherwise have remained hidden using manual data collection methods.

Q.  Is the trial version easy to uninstall from the workstation?

A.  Yes. The uninstall is like that of any other Windows application.