Real-time SPC Software Buyer's GuideClients often ask what they should look for in real-time SPC software. It makes sense in a way. For many of our clients, automating their current manual processes, or replacing an existing, inadequate system is something they’ll do once or twice in their entire career.

On the other hand, we live, sleep, eat, and breathe real-time data collection and analytics software. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we have a lot of experience in a lot of industries. So we’re happy to share our expertise. One way we thought we could help is to develop our Real-Time SPC Software Buyer’s Guide.

Real-time SPC Buyer’s Guide weights and prioritizes needs

The Guide takes over 100 software features in nine categories and makes it easy for you to prioritize the most important features for your business. You can weight each feature, or a group of features. And we made it easy for you to add additional features and categories. All this makes the Guide a very flexible tool. (My Controller made a copy of it and repurposed it as a comparison guide for our internal search for a new CRM system.)

Once you’ve prioritized the features, the Guide gives you a way to rank the performance of up to four alternative products on these features. You end up with a numeric rating of each alternative solution.

The Guide summarizes all of this information into a single worksheet that is easy to share in team meetings.

Customers are liking the guide.

Kevin Elam, Kaizen Leader of Dayton Lamina Corp. said: “The Buyer’s Guide is very nice.  What a cool tool!  Definitely makes you think about topics and features that you weren’t previously considering.”

The guide is a great tool that helps a buying team think through what is important, and systematically and objectively evaluating all the options. Of course we’re optimistic that GainSeeker will emerge head and shoulders above the alternatives.

One thing that we didn’t try to address in this edition of the Guide are client references. The best independent source of references that we know of is Capterra. Capterra is a free service that allows users to rank B2B software. All the reviews on Capterra are unedited, so you’re seeing what users really think of these various solutions. We’re proud of the reviews our clients have been posting on Capterra, and invite you to read them for yourself.

In the meantime, please download your free copy of the Real-Time SPC Buyer’s Guide today.

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