Too Much Data and Not Enough Actionable Intelligence Can Torpedo Your Business

Tripping Over Data eBook

Here’s what is inside:

  • 6 ways data can torpedo your business
  • How better access to real-time actionable data can help manufacturers
  • How to increase revenue and grow operating margins
  • Get clarity on what metrics should be measured
  • And more

Tripping Over Data could be required reading for my team. It is well done and spot on.”

– R. Joseph Benford, Corporate Quality Director, Mueller Company

Tripping Over Data described our situation to a T. I hope you don’t mind that I passed it around to my colleagues.”

– Rob Lancaster, Director of Operations, PLZ Aeroscience Corporation

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About Tripping Over Data

Manufacturing companies have been struggling with too much data and not enough actionable intelligence for a long time. All too often, the most important knowledge is hidden in plain sight. It is hidden because it is locked up in stand-alone business systems. Key stakeholders struggle to connect the dots between all these systems in a timely manner. As a result, the drive to create a data-driven culture drowns in its own data. Tripping Over Data explores this paradox. Framed around a fictional account of a divisional supply chain leader on a visit at his best performing plant, this ebook paints a picture of the data challenges manufacturers face and how they impact business performance. It will give your developing leaders a vocabulary for speaking about data and a simple path through the paradox.