GOSHEN, INDIANA December 3, 2018 — Hertzler Systems Inc. has released version 9.1 of its flagship GainSeeker® Suite Software. This release includes enhancements that make it easier to see and react to the current production and collect data in new ways to more accurately reflect what is happening on the shop floor. HertzlerNet customers can request the update here.

Dashboards and desktops have improved the ability to set default date and time criteria improving user efficiency.

  • New date period “Previous day (with data)”, plus 10 more new date periods available
  • New configuration setting lets you change the 1st day of the week to Monday
  • n hours ending now can now be >23
  • Dashboard Grid can now dynamically filter for the most recent part#, process, or traceability value found

Data entry functionality has been improved for Inspections.

  • New Likert Rating test scale
  • New settings can require Event/Cause/ActionTaken entry when failure is detected (RTF or Defect)
  • Sub-inspection can include a configurable “button”
  • Now able to hide or display specific tests on the sub-inspection
  • Now able to change the DMS Process, so one inspection can now be used to enter data for multiple processes.

Ensuring greater connectivity with common external systems.

  • When sending email, GainSeeker can now use Microsoft Outlook dialogues (if present) to improve security and ease of use
  • Support for SQL server on Linux

The company’s primary product, GainSeeker® Suite SPC software, and related services provide better visibility of production data so that clients can capture data at all stages of the manufacturing supply chain process. Users can generate analytics that enables optimization within and across multiple production facilities. This increases clients’ capacity to respond to problems and uncover hidden opportunities to increase revenue, grow operating margins, and improve asset performance.