The latest version of the GainSeeker Manufacturing Intelligence Platform is available for HertzlerNet members to download. The enhancements continue to build on GainSeeker’s segment leading ability to collect data from a myriad of devices and make it available across far flung enterprises with unsurpassed analysis of not just SPC and quality statistics but OEE as well. Over 150 improvements are in this version. Here are two of the major enhancements. More detailed information is available here

More Inspection tests can now be placed on the Data Canvas

In addition to Numeric Input tests, you can now add Defect List, Pass/Fail, and/or Checkbox tests to the Data Canvas for Inspection data entry. As the inspector enters data for these tests, those values are also displayed at the corresponding locations on the Data Canvas.

For a sub-inspection with many tests, this helps the inspector to quickly understand which tests still need to be performed and which have failures that require appropriate follow-up.


Localization support for Spanish and French added to GainSeeker Charts

The GainSeeker Charts module can now display most menus, prompts, windows, etc. in Spanish or French (as well as English). This makes it much easier for data analysts to understand and interact with the GainSeeker Charts module for data analysis.

The language used by GainSeeker Charts can be set by a command line parameter, a language setting for the GainSeeker user, or the language currently being used by Windows. The user can also use the menu to manually change the language.