Elkhart Truth story and video highlights Harmon amplifiers and their role in the FIFA World Cup 2014. GainSeeker Suite makes a cameo appearance at 17 seconds. (This link takes you to the Truth story. Scroll down for the video.)

What does a GainSeeker Dashboard have to do with the World Cup?

To explain, I have to start with congratulations to Harmon International (Crown Audio) for being chosen to deliver stadium audio for the FIFA World Cup competition in Brazil, beginning next week. Our office is full of soccer nuts, so we’ll be watching.

I felt some personal pride when I read this story on-line in my local paper (The Elkhart Truth) this morning. I’ve been in that Crown plant dozens of times over the last several years.

Crown is a long-time user of the GainSeeker Suite. They have an outstanding team, a fantastic product, and they are a great customer. GainSeeker helps them ensure the quality of their products, and GainSeeker’s dashboards are a critical component in their visual factory information system.

If you didn’t know what to look for, you’d be excused for not recognizing the GainSeeker Suite dashboard at 17 seconds in the upper right corner of the video.

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