French, Spanish, and English now supported on GainSeeker mobile data collection app

GOSHEN, INDIANA May 28, 2015—GainSeeker® Suite’s mobile data collection app, GS Collect, has been translated into French and Spanish in addition to the default, English. This helps ensure that everyone is speaking the same language about quality, regardless of location or culture.

The GS Collect App runs customized data collection processes on iOS devices such as iPads. Hertzler Systems Inc. plans to support additional foreign languages to meet customer needs.

Mobile data collection is quickly gaining momentum among Hertzler’s customers, many of whom have facilities where data entry operators and quality professionals speak languages other than or in addition to English.

Mobile device data collection provides flexibility

Collecting data on mobile devices provides flexibility in situations where collecting data on a traditional PC is not always practical. Mobile devices and PCs can also be used in combination on the same shop floor for collecting data. However, GainSeeker’s PC Collect application for traditional computers currently only supports English.

Support for foreign languages in GS Collect furthers Hertzler’s purpose of providing a real-time data platform that is easier to deploy, drives continuous improvement, and enables better decision making with manufacturing intelligence.

The GainSeeker Suite platform includes applications for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Defect Management, and Net Content Control.

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