Manufacturers now have more power over the inspection process

GOSHEN, INDIANA April 24, 2015—A new service pack release of GainSeeker Suite now puts more power in the hands of manufacturers to design data collection processes to fit their unique needs.

The new capabilities enhance the recently released Inspection Editor and PC Collect modules. These modules provide a visual design environment that makes it easy for users to build customized data collection and inspection processes.

In the just-released GainSeeker Service Pack (SP) 8.4.1, customers can now easily integrate with other manufacturing systems, devices, and files. Putting this capability in the hands of the customer lowers the cost of ownership while creating greater efficiency and accuracy in the inspection creation and data collection process.

The new capabilities are implemented with Python, a widely taught and easy to use scripting language. Since knowledge of Python is so widely spread, many customers can create their own customizations. They can also tap into Hertzler’s library of device, file, and data systems integration techniques. Hertzler’s technical staff is also available to support client’s customization efforts.

Service Pack 8.4.1 furthers Hertzler’s purpose of providing a real-time data platform that is easier to deploy, drives continuous improvement, and enables better decision making with manufacturing intelligence.

The GainSeeker platform includes applications for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Defect Management, and Overpack in a single software platform.

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