An automotive customer set even higher expectations for the quality data reporting of its supplier, a mid-sized, Midwest-based plastics company. On top of his regular duties, the supplier’s Quality Manager now must find time to select and implement a new real-time SPC system.

Critical issue

The Quality Manager has to research the marketplace to choose and implement the best real-time SPC software system for his company.


The Quality Manager doesn’t have the time or resources to complete a comprehensive evaluation. Corporate is also reluctant to implement a major capital expenditure mid-budget year.


The Quality Manager needs a way to test and prove the value of a real-time automated SPC system without creating a capital project and without turning his attention from other urgent tasks.

Hertzler Systems provided

Hertzler Systems provided a sample installable version of GainSeeker Suite. In just a few WebEx conference calls with Hertzler staff, the Quality Manager installed the new software on his laptop and customized a data entry process for a single workstation. He learned how to collect, analyze, and report critical quality metrics and was soon collecting data and responding to real-time alarms and trends. Hertzler’s Lease-to-Purchase plan enabled him to implement a full system without creating a capital expenditure.


Now the Quality Manager has all the data he needs to comply with his customer’s expectations, and in far less time and with less expense than he thought. “I barely have time to do my normal work, much less execute a major new data system in ‘my spare time’,” he says. “GainSeeker is a great fit. It seamlessly installs and integrates to existing systems. I was able to install it myself without involving IT. Hertzler Systems and GainSeeker Suite made it easy.”

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