Corporate Quality Manager for a major consumer products packaging company.

Critical issue

The manager’s team did not have the resources to tackle a major software update, and he needed to get the job done quickly. In addition, several other factors converged to boost his motivation to invite Hertzler to assist with the upgrade.


The factors that converged included:

  • Key personnel who would normally perform the upgrade were too busy with other projects.
  • The corporation’s IT group wanted to standardize all applications on Microsoft SQL Server. With a 20 year data history at stake, the manager wanted it done right.
  • GainSeeker Version 8 is the first release that uses the .Net platform. This new platform introduced another risk to the conversion process.
  • The manager wanted to expand real-time data collection and analysis.


The manager believed that during a two-day Tune-up, Hertzler could update GainSeeker Suite and the database platform, and still have time to expand the software into a new application area in the business.

Hertzler Systems provided

The Hertzler consultant set up a MS SQL database, and migrated all data to the new database. He also installed the latest GainSeeker release, removing prior versions. Following this, he developed a data collection procedure for a new area of the business.


The software and a database were upgraded with minimal effort and low impact on the organization. The new software has many new features (including the Dynamic Reports module). In addition, the new database is faster and more reliable. Finally, the new data collection procedure expands the use of SPC to new areas of the plant. According to the manager, “This was not difficult to justify. We needed to make the change, and the Tune-up was a real time saver.”

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