Make timely decisions based on visible, actionable data

Even with easy integration to related systems, and with robust analytics that make it easy to drill down to root cause, there is a third essential component to your manufacturing intelligence solution: the data must be visible.

GainSeeker Suite provides robust dashboarding features to ensure that everyone has the same information so they can respond more quickly and innovate faster. The dashboards:

  • Deliver configurable, role-based visibility, so that each individual gets the key knowledge they need to succeed in their job.
  • Provide a direct path from data visibility to data analysis: click through to charts and statistical analysis tools. Within those charts you have all of GainSeeker’s drill down capabilities.
  • Make all manufacturing data – from any source – accessible and visible. This enables you to break down silos of data in related business systems, such as EQMS, ERP, and MES.

Optional Server Edition module exports dashboards to non-GainSeeker Users.

Sample Big-Data Widget

Sample Big-Data Widget