GOSHEN, INDIANA May 11, 2018 — Hertzler Systems Inc. has released the latest version of its flagship GainSeeker® Suite Software. The latest release builds on the manufacturing intelligence platform to allow supervisors to understand what is happening right now on the plant floor.

While GainSeeker has always provided analytics to optimize production, this release includes two features that make it easier to see and react to the current production setup. GainSeeker Desktops provide a preconfigured set of charts and settings to open with a couple clicks. And now Dynamic Desktops show you what is on your plant floor even quicker. Open up a Dynamic Desktop and charts will display the key process indicators for the parts that are currently running on your shop floor. Know what is happening now and stay on top of potential issues.

The most recent data feature of Desktops also shows up in GainSeeker Dashboards. One Dashboard simply shows you summary information from your current production. Without searching for the appropriate Dashboard for the day, you can configure the Dashboard with a Most Recent Retrieval to pull pertinent information based on current production data.

Combine the Most Recent Retrieval with improved predictive trend statistics, and the shop floor is no longer a mystery. A Dashboard can display the current production data and predictive statistics can inform you that a process will cross spec limits in X number of parts. This gives personnel time to react before bad parts are made and the whole lot needs to be quarantined.

Several other features have been added or enhanced to make the application easier to use and data easier to analyze, including:

  • Dashboard Grid summary row for average, count, minimum and maximum on a column.
  • Paired Sample Analysis widget for Dashboards to automate analysis across features and find correlations more quickly.
  • Snap to Grid and visible grid to simplify formatting Dashboard controls.
  • Data entry chart boarders that change color for visual real-time alerts during data entry.
  • Improved search across not only part number, but also description, standard variable, etc.
  • Multi-row filters to simplify building complex filters.
  • Improved Python commands for email and PDF
  • Compare Python scripts for differences

In addition to features, GainSeeker 8.9 now requires .NET 4.5 which means that it cannot be installed on Microsoft Windows XP.

The company’s primary product, GainSeeker® Suite SPC software, and related services provide better visibility of production data so that clients can capture data at all stages of the manufacturing supply chain process. Users can generate analytics that enable optimization within and across multiple production facilities. This increases clients’ capacity to respond to problems and uncover hidden opportunities to increase revenue, grow operating margins, and improve asset performance.

About Hertzler Systems Inc.

Hertzler Systems has been a leader in Statistical Process Control, SPC software and Manufacturing Intelligence for over 30 years and serves a diverse customer base. Clients include Bobcat Company, Norman Noble, McCormick & Company, Inc., Snyder’s-Lance, Consolidated Container, and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Worldwide.