GOSHEN, INDIANA—(July 1, 2013) A new emphasis by Hertzler Systems, Inc. on growth and service has helped put the statistical process control (SPC) company on target for a second consecutive year of record breaking growth. Looking ahead to the second half of 2013, Hertzler is projecting a 15 percent growth in total revenue for 2013 over 2012, right on the heels of 2012’s 14 percent climb in revenues.

“We’re putting together the best two years we’ve had as a company in terms of revenue,” Evan Miller said. He is Hertzler Systems Inc. president and CEO.

SPC Software that enables companies to improve operational efficiencies & enhance product & services quality

The company provides proprietary software marketed as GainSeeker®, that is designed for customized, automated SPC for a wide range of manufacturing and service concerns. The software system’s automatic data collection and analysis allows companies to easily monitor production and processes to improve operational efficiencies and enhance the quality of their products and services.

Hertzler Systems’ customers “…often achieve enormous returns from investing in our systems.”

Founded in 1982, Hertzler has grown modestly for most of its history, but in recent years it has revamped its operations to focus more acutely on the service side of its customer relationships while also laying out an aggressive marketing plan.

“Our recent successes are a result of a very intentional effort to create a ‘growth smart’ culture across our organization,” said Miller. “In the last few years we’ve transformed our leadership team and completely revitalized our sales and marketing efforts.

“Our clients often achieve enormous returns from investing in our systems. As we’ve learned how to best share these stories with other clients and to maximize our service capabilities, we’ve seen a snowball effect on our growth.”

Turning production data into knowledge, recently with new mobile apps

This comes at a time when “across the manufacturing sector, business leaders face unprecedented pressure to control costs, improve productivity, and improve quality,” said Miller. “So we are ripe for this moment. We have developed proprietary, easy-to-use training modules along with personal service support that puts the power of data and instant analysis into ‘laymen’s hands’ so to speak. We turn production data into knowledge that managers can readily grasp and use to make decisions in real time, right through their smart phones and tablets if desired.”

A Hertzler customer in aerospace manufacturing increased first-time quality from 40% to 98%+ in five months

New customers are finding the payoff for our system comes very quickly,” said Miller. “For example, an aerospace manufacturer using our product increased first-time quality from 40 percent to over 98 percent in just five months. The cost savings was hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Given the current business climate, and our ability to customize the advantages of our system for just about any business concern, we view our growth potential as enormous. We believe we have the right approach to what will become an increasingly vital component of future manufacturing and business operations.”


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