Evan Miller, Hertzler System, President and CEO, has announced his retirement effective the end of 2018. The longevity and vitality of Hertzler Systems under Miller’s leadership is rare for software companies. Two blog posts by Miller are available here. Post 1 Post 2

Miller attributes much of his and ultimately the company’s success to Paul Hertzler, company founder. “Paul recognized that quality and manufacturing performance information is as valuable to a manufacturing manager as financial information.” Most recently, Miller implemented collaborative decision-making and management approach at Hertzler Systems which was strongly influenced by Dynamic Governance. “I saw the need to actively engage all employees in the direction of the company. We continue to work at what it means to operate with equivalence, transparency and effectiveness.” noted Miller.

Hertzler Systems Board member Len Gieser stated, “Evan Miller’s contribution to Hertzler Systems these past 26 years as president and CEO has provided the firm with a foundation that has produced innovative, cutting-edge products and services for clients and customers, and a safe, stimulating, and growth-oriented work environment for its professional staff.  Evan’s ability to work effectively with his partner, Byron Shetler, has enabled the Hertzler team to achieve continued success and industry recognition for their products and services, and in positioning the company for continued successes.”

Current Chief Technology Officer and co-owner, Byron Shetler is assuming the role of President and CEO in 2019.

Hertzler Systems is known globally as a provider of manufacturing intelligence software. The company’s primary product, GainSeeker® Suite SPC software, and related services provide better visibility of production data so that clients can capture data at all stages of the manufacturing supply chain process.