This statement was created by the Hertzler Systems Leadership team, reviewed with all employees, updated and finally, consented to by all employees.

We at Hertzler Systems Inc. condemn the acts of violence in our nation’s Capital earlier in January, 2021. The assault on the Capitol and the people within it cannot be excused. Even with the change of leadership, there is still much work to be done in making our world, our country, our communities, and our workplaces a safe environment for all. We will continue to lead with a genuine desire and commitment to drive fear out of the workplace. We will continue to welcome all voices, especially those of dissent. We will continue to seek to understand our differences, to be generous in our compassion, and to work for justice.

We occasionally suffer from a limited perspective across all aspects of diversity and thus we seek input from all employees to hold us accountable to increase diversity and to celebrate differences. Together, we can make a difference in our workplaces and in the world.