One of the discussion forums I try to monitor is Elsmar Cove. Sometimes it goes pretty geeky (I’m sorry, its just the word that comes to mind.) But sometimes it has some great questions. Here is one from that ‘Shesha’ posted today.


Just wanted to know, what are the different methods you all had used OR are using to improve the Quality Culture in a organisation , mean to say to change the mindset of the people in a organisation towards implementation of process and Quality related stuff.

Thanks & Rgds, Shesha

I had to post the following response:

My experience is that when you want to change culture you have to provide the tools to make it so. Everyone talks about getting commitment from the top, and of course all that is true. But if that commitment is shown by table thumping and speeches and bands and banners it is a bunch of hogwash. (Pun intended – in reference to an earlier comment about how committed chickens and pigs are to preparing the farmer’s breakfast.)

If you want a quality culture that is data driven (which is what many people mean when they say they want a quality culture) the most important tool is the right data, in the right form, and right now.

Actually, this isn’t just my experience. The Aberdeen Group has published a couple research reports that put some dollars behind this. Best-in-class performers pay attention to building real-time data systems. Failing to do so undermines culture. And culture eats strategy for lunch.

You can download this and some supporting white papers from my website.

Four reports are especially on topic:

Aberdeen Event Driven Manufacturing Intelligence Report

The Role of Real-Time Data in Improving Profitability and Customer Satisfaction

Aberdeen Lean Six Sigma Benchmark Report

Leveraging Technology to Transform Culture

One of my staff members calls this “Evan’s Soapbox” and it is true.