Unique short run and lot trace capabilities

The industrial equipment industry typically serves a smaller, focused market where reputation is everything. The GainSeeker software platform features applications such as unique short run and lot trace capabilities that help you turn manufacturing data into manufacturing intelligence.

Customized inspection process

” I have been able to create very unique data collection scenarios that are very operator friendly. GainSeeker has offered customization to give an operator user interface that has been unmatched in the many other quality software suites I have used in the past.”

Matt Simpson, quality improvement manager, Cincinnati area

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To support you in your industry, the GainSeeker® Suite platform delivers applications for :

  • Reducing inspection time
  • Ensuring intricate inspection completion
  • Reducing operating expenses
  • Optimizing problem response time


Powerful, but easily customizable to any data collection scenario.

PC Collect is Hertzler Systems' completely new application for performing inspections using a PC

PC Collect is Hertzler Systems’ completely new application for performing inspections using a PC

GainSeeker’s powerful and easy-to-customize data collection capabilities help deliver these benefits to you. GainSeeker’s ability to visualize and analyze data complete the circle.

Read the case studies below, or request a demo and see what GainSeeker® Suite can do for you.