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Hertzler Systems has a long track record of helping manufacturers in the packaging industry. The GainSeeker SPC automated data collection platform improves product quality and reliability while minimizing throughput and profitability. It also has applications to help you safely reduce overpack and overfill.

A packaging manufacturer that has dozens of plants across North America needed a method to ensure product uniformity. They also needed it to standardize performance and drive continuous improvement.

Results gained using GainSeeker

Systematically reduce product giveaway

For many packagers, the biggest and easiest gains come by systematically reducing product giveaway—otherwise known as overfill or overpack. Given the large volumes that many packagers produce, a little bit of product giveaway can add up to a lot of dollars in a very short time.

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See how Hertzler Systems helped this mega-sized baking and packaging company ensure quality

GainSeeker’s Overpack / Overfill Wizard can help you determine if you’re giving too much product away.

Real-time alarm notifications

GainSeeker’s automation, real-time alarms and notifications can have a huge impact on giveaway. When you take that one step further into dashboard visibility and drill-down analytics, the impact can be revolutionary. And you can take that further to track film counts, down time, and other operational efficiency (OEE).

Read the case studies below, or request a demo and see what GainSeeker® Suite can do for you.