The following resources provide information that IT professionals need to successfully deploy GainSeeker® in their organizations:
Full support for Windows XP has ended GainSeeker version 8.8.1 (released December 2017) is the last version to be fully supported on the Windows XP operating system.
GainSeeker version 8.9.1 was released in May 2018 and requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, which cannot be installed on Windows XP.
Windows XP workstations can continue to run older GainSeeker versions (8.0-8.8.1) even when GainSeeker 8.9 or later is installed on other workstations.
Latest Releases See what’s new in the latest versions of GainSeeker products and request the update to the latest version (included with your HertzlerNet subscription)
Tested and Supported Operating Environments Database types and versions, workstation operating systems, network operating systems, and more
Hardware and Software Requirements Detailed system requirements for databases, workstations, servers, and mobile data entry devices
Installation Instructions The steps needed to install GainSeeker throughout your system