Overfill and Package Weight Control eBook Page Cover ShadowRecently we released a new eBook: Overfill and Package Weight Control. Click here to download your free copy.

The new eBook outlines a proven approach to ensure compliance while minimizing product give-away.

Food manufacturers and packaging companies face difficult and competing challenges. On one hand, increasing and often volatile material costs squeeze profits. On the other hand, government regulations impose stiff penalties on any manufacturer who fails to meet its label claim. Additionally, manufacturer’s reputations suffer if they are perceived to short-change their customers.

In this environment, it is no wonder that many business leaders elect to protect their reputations by putting systems in place that guarantee compliance, and then accept some level of product give-away as the cost of doing business.

Fortunately, there are well established, time-tested methods that enable the manufacturer to scientifically optimize their business process to ensure compliance AND minimize product give-away. The Overfill and Package Weight Control Kit summarizes those methods and describes a process to reduce product give-away by the scientific management of product overfill.

The eBook compiles information from the Overfill and Package Weight kit from the GainSeeker Platform Library and makes it easier to read and share with others.

Key topics in the new eBook include:

  • Considerations for setting up a net contents control system – Describes key questions to ask when setting up net contents system.
  • How net contents are regulated – Dives into NIST Handbook 133 to explore how the federal government defines and controls package weight in the United States.
  • Three-step process to reduce overfill – Outlines the three step process that uses scientific methods to reduce overfill while ensuring package weights comply with the law.
  • Why check weigh systems are insufficient – Explains the limitations of check weigh systems to reduce variation, and offers an alternative that works.
  • As a bonus, you’ll also find links to four related case studies from foods manufacturing and packaging companies.

Please download the Overfill and Package Weight Control eBook, or contact our sales team at sales@hertzler.com, or complete the form here. They’ll  be happy to discuss your situation, and explore how GainSeeker Suite can help you improve business performance.