GainSeeker Platform Library Audit Kit DashboardWe’re very excited to release our new GainSeeker Platform Library Audit & Compliance Kit. As we’ve shared in the past, the GainSeeker Platform Library (GPL) is a collection of ideas, best practices, and tools for maximizing the value users get from deploying GainSeeker Suite.

Purpose of the GPL Audit & Compliance Kit

The GPL Audit & Compliance Kit makes it easy to set up simple audit processes to ensure that routine work is performed accurately and on time. Key advantages of digitizing audit and compliance data in GainSeeker Suite are:

  • Storing data in GainSeeker puts all the data in a single place and therefore more accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Dashboards make the data more visible and actionable.
  • Automated alerts can notify key managers if checks are not completed in a timely manner.
  • Escalating alerts can be implemented to ensure that processes are maintained even when staff turns over and collective memory is most at risk.
  • Performance over time is easier to monitor so that training opportunities are easier to address.
  • Processes can be set up to ensure follow-up is completed and documented in the event corrective action is required.

Three levels of GPL Kit deployment

Our vision for the GPL is that includes up to three levels of content:

  • Level One is simply a topic Page for a kit. The Topic Page usually starts with a description of the purpose of the kit, and includes both System and Typical design consideration sections.
  • Level Two is the topic Page with one or more subpages. The Subpages add additional information on implementing the kit. Depending on the topic, these may include additional background and considerations.
  • Level Three adds rich content. Rich content may include Scripts, Dashboards, Sample Data, and so forth. Typically, there is still some customization required to implement a kit, but these specific examples are “pictures worth thousands of words.”

Rich content for the GPL Audit & Compliance Kit

The GPL Audit & Compliance Kit is the first kit to provide “Rich Content”. In this case, the rich content is a GainSeeker configuration, a sample data set, some sample inspections, and a collection of GainSeeker dashboards, retrievals, filters, and desktops. You can download and install this sample data set with GainSeeker Suite.

This kit also includes a collection of short instructional videos. Here is the video we produced to introduce and demonstrate key features of the Audit & Compliance Kit.

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With the infrastructure provided in the sample data set, you’ll be able to customize the sample set to meet your specific needs. This will save you a great deal of time as you design and deploy audit and compliance tracking with GainSeeker Suite in your business.

Click here to download the GainSeeker Platform Library Audit & Compliance Kit.

If you’d like to help design or review the next kit, check out this post for more information.