Industry Week magazine did a great cover story on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in the February Issue.  A couple of key take-aways:

  • Adapt OEE to your business situation
  • Use the OEE data to drill in and drive improvements
  • Don’t optimize OEE at the expense of the business

These ideas point to why GainSeeker Suite is getting so much traction as a tool to deploy OEE.

First, almost every place we’ve deployed OEE has a slightly different definition of the metric. GainSeeker’s flexibility to define and calculate data makes this a piece of cake.

Second, GainSeeker Suite provides great tools for drilling into – slicing and dicing – data.

Third, OEE should be only one of your key business metrics. If you set these up properly (especially in GainSeeker with desktops and dashboards) you can see how OEE is improving and test whether it is actually impacting other critical measures.

I’d like to see more discussion on how automation can help increase the reliability and timeliness of OEE data. What we’ve found as we talk to our customers is that data reliability is a huge issue. Again, GainSeeker Suite can be an important tool for getting better data faster.

Finally, GainSeeker’s Dashboard Module can post OEE data information visually on the floor and greatly increase the visibility of the metric.

What are you doing with OEE?

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