Since writing the series of posts about calculating OEE, I’ve been thinking about how you can best use OEE data to drive improvements in throughput and profitability.

Recently I showed this OEE Dashboard to a customer.

He said to me,

“Evan, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Today we’re collecting OEE data on paper and in spreadsheets. It is so cumbersome because we have to compile and massage the data, and by the time we actually see a problem it is too late to do much about it. If we could display this on the plant floor and people could react right away, it would make a huge difference.”

I have no doubt that he is absolutely right: making the data visible in an understandable form will make a huge difference.

Here is the “Yes, And…”

Yes, making the data visible has a positive effect. And with the right tools you can convert that data into knowledge about your organization so your people can focus their efforts on the right things.

Here is a new video I’ve just posted on YouTube that walks you through how you can drill into OEE data for more knowledge.

What do you think? Would being able to visualize and drill into OEE data like this be useful at your plant? How would you use this?

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