No Defect System Cringe Factor

I Hate it When that Happens…

Our latest GainSeeker Suite Case Stu

dy tells about a client who dealt with a cringe-worthy situation with a standardized defect system.

Have you ever felt yourself cringe when you’re faced with a problem at work? Or said to yourself, “I hate it when that happens…”

Facing a cringe-worthy situation is an awful feeling. You’re doing the best you can, and something unfortunate happens to a customer. What makes itcringe-worthy is that you know the customer is right. What makes it worse is that the underlying cause is out of your control, at least for now.  And even though the problem isn’t in your direct control, it’s your reputation that is on the line with the customer.


Customer Complaints are Personal

It becomes very personal.

For our customer, the cringe-worthy situation was chronic customer complaints about products. His company was on a mission to harmonize production capacity. This would help them improve customer responsiveness and operating efficiencies. Their goal was deliver any product to any customer from any plant in the supply chain. It is a classic supply chain optimization story.

Harmonization Challenging with Legacy Defect System

The problem was that not all manufacturing plants produced equal quality. And to make matters worse, every plant had their own legacy data system for tracking and reporting defects. They collected defect data, but they had no defect system. With no centralized system, the manager’s hands were tied. Customers called with complaints and he had no good answers for them. And without centralized data and knowledge, he had no idea where to focus corporate resources to fix the underlying problem.

Standardized Defect System Empowers Optimization

We helped him deploy a single defect tracking platform.  It began with standardized data collection using iPads and PC workstations. The pilot line was up and running in a few days, and we helped him cascade that out to all the facilities over the next few months.

Now he has standardized definitions of all defects, and standardized data collection processes. And even better, all the data goes into a corporate repository. From there our hero and his colleagues can access harmonized data across all manufacturing plants. Access is instantaneous. They can drill into this data in seconds. In a few clicks anyone can go from the plant all the way to the operator and component level.

All of this was enabled by our product and our expertise, acquired from working in a variety of industries over the last three decades.

Read the complete case study here. Then call us to explore how you can get out from under disparate legacy systems. We can help you discover the satisfaction and empowerment that comes from turning data into actionable intelligence.

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