Another new feature in GainSeeker 8.2 is the Performance Chart.

On the surface, the Performance Chart looks like a Box & Whisker chart, something that has been in GainSeeker Suite for several versions.

Here is the chart:

Sample Performance Chart from GainSeeker Suite SPC Software Version 8.2

Besides being easier to navigate to, the Performance Chart has another key advantage compared to the standard Box & Whisker Chart.

With the Performance Chart, you can easily select which group label you want to display on the chart. You can provide a print out that shows each person how they are performing compared to the target, and to the other performers. This may be useful in a performance review meeting where you wish to focus on each individual, without revealing the performance and identity of the other persons.

As you can imagine, you can group any data on the Performance Chart. In addition to people, you might want to compare the performance of various vendors, or pieces of equipment, or departments.

You can also put a lot more information on the Performance Chart, including different limits and so forth.

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