MicroRidge MobileCollect Wireless Devices

I just got off the phone with a new client. He reached out to us because he wanted to connect to two gages through a MicroRidge MobileCollect Wireless system.

Seems that he has been working for 8 months on an SPC deployment project. He had tried two different vendors and neither of them could connect to the wireless gages he had set up in the first pilot area. I guess the tricky part was something we just take for granted: reading data from two gages coming into one MicroRidge MobileConnect Wireless system. Evidently we were the first vendor who could distinguish between them and assign the values to the right features.

Knowing the flexibility of GainSeeker Suite, I had no doubt that we could meet his requirements. I visited the plant last Thursday, and our deployment tech was on-site first thing this morning (the following Tuesday).  By mid-afternoon today we had a working prototype up and running.

At our wrap up conference call at the end of the day the client said: “I’m very pleased with the progress we had today. We’re excited about how much we got done, and we’re excited about the partnership with Hertzler Systems.”

Of course there is more to this project – lots more: SAP integration, operator guidance, automated reports for customers, and much more. We’re just getting started, and everything we’re talking about is in our sweet spot.

What about you? What challenges have had you spinning your wheels? Email me at ejmiller [at] hertzler [dot] com, or post a comment below. I’d love to hear your experience.


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  1. Kevin Kelly April 25, 2014 at 11:03 am

    Great success story, thank you for including the MicroRidge MobileCollect Wireless product in your solution!

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