When I talk to our customers about the financial return they get from investing in GainSeeker Suite SPC Software, I often feel amazed. We have lots of case studies about the financial benefits of GainSeeker Suite SPC Software on this website. The other day I spoke with another customer and heard this story:

In a five-month period, this client saw a 40% improvement in first time quality, in one work cell. They took their yield to 98.5%. They reduced scrap in that one cell by a lot of money.

Five months.

Forty percent increase in first time quality.

A lot of money.

In one work cell.

I’m impressed.

This company is a major aerospace manufacturer. and they’re using GainSeeker in machining cells. (We don’t have permission to use their name.) We did some really fancy – I mean rocket science kind of fancy – data collection, integration and manipulation for them.

But my customer told me that the key to success was empowering machine operators to investigate their own process improvements without depending on engineering.

My customer said “Don’t be fooled by other software companies’ claims. Lots of other systems can give you a run chart. But GainSeeker is the only one that we’ve found that could empower our operators to drill to root cause on the factory floor. Our cells are very complex. Empowering our operators to drill down to root cause and do initial troubleshooting without waiting for engineers is priceless.”

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