Here is a chance to participate in Hertzler Systems’ development effort.

Sometime in the next few months we’ll be releasing Version 8 of GainSeeker® Suite. One important capability in this new version is a brand new report writer. I saw a sneak preview of it the other day, and my jaw dropped open several times when I saw what it could do.

Our development team is looking for sample reports to test the new report writer with “real data”.

We invite you to submit any sample reports that you have. These might be Certificate of Analysis or other report that you use on a regular basis. You can send in your report whether you’re already a GainSeeker user or not.

To submit your sample, send it electronically to [suggest at hertzler dot com], or fax it to 574-533-3885. In either case, make sure you include your contact information so we can respond to you personally.