The Plant Manager for a chip manufacturing company is responsible for cost management, efficiency, and overall profitability.

Critical Issue

Chips aren’t cheap and neither are the film bags they come in. Although every chip that gets overfilled in the bag costs almost nothing, given the volume of production a year, it adds up quickly. An even greater cost are the film bags that get damaged during production and aren’t able to be used.


Producing so many bags a year means that the slightest change in the production has a dramatic impact on net income. Maximizing production while decreasing costs is a daunting task, especially when the bag sizes are getting smaller and smaller, leaving less room for error.


The Plant Manager wanted to be able to monitor the overfill of chips and the film wastes of bag production. It was necessary to educate the workers on NIST 133 and to keep them accountable for monitoring these signals in order to increase profits while meeting standards.

Hertzler System Provided

Gainseeker® Software provided score cards for each worker after each shift to gain accountability and visibility for how they monitor and track their product weights and film usage.


Gainseeker® provided the company a return on investment in well under a year, and they will continue to see great savings in years to come. Now that’s a great aftertaste!

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