In the last few posts, I’ve been exploring situations where customers are using GainSeeker Suite SPC software to display dashboards. The first two were the Scoreboard Dashboard and the Meeting Room Dashboard.

The third type of dashboard is the Stakeholder Dashboard. In reality, Stakeholder Dashboards are a lot like Meeting Room Dashboards, at least in the intended functionality. Both summarize critical information. Both give the users the ability to drill into the underlying data.

The difference is in the intended audience. Where Meeting Room Dashboards are used by groups or teams, Stakeholder Dashboards are used by individuals. As such, they can be highly idiosyncratic, depending on the individual’s needs and interests. For example:

  • A Vice President of Operations may be interested in a dashboard showing the performance of all the plants in the corporation. This dashboard might show on-time delivery, quality, and up-time; all segmented by plant.
  • A Director of Operations for one of these plants may want the same information, but for only his plant.
  • A Vice President of Quality may need to track defect levels across all plants, with the ability to drill into any operation to see what her staff is doing at each plant to improve product quality.
  • A Product Manager may need to track the stability of a handful of critical features of his product.
  • A Shift Supervisor may want to track equipment performance across all departments.
  • A Lab Manager may want to make sure that her staff is performing all checks on schedule.

Given the range of needs represented in these examples, probably the most important requirement of a Stakeholder Dashboard is ease of set up and customization. Dashboard setup has to be easy. Almost anyone, with only minimal training, should be able to customizing dashboards. No special knowledge of database queries or programming should be required.

Who in your organization needs a dashboard? What do they need on it? What do they need to drill into? How often does the information need to be refreshed? Use the ShareThis button below to mark this page, leave a comment, schedule a conversation, or call 800-958-2709.