CCC LogoIn the last few years we’ve seen an increased drive for standardized SPC software across a corporation. Some are even taking this across the supply chain. This is part of a larger movement to standardize all systems across the supply chain.

A recent example of this is Consolidated Container Company’s (CCC) deployment of GainSeeker Suite. Until recently, GainSeeker Suite was one of several SPC software solutions in use across CCC’s 59 plants in North America. Some months back, the company decided to standardize on a single quality system. After an exhaustive process, they selected GainSeeker Suite as their standard platform for quality data. As of this writing, CCC is about a third of the way through their corporate-wide deployment.

Case Study Explores Decision… and Benefits of Standardized SPC Software

This case study describes how they made this decision. It also describes some of the benefits they’ve begun to realize from a standardized approach to real-time quality data.

This story seems representative of a broader industry move from piecemeal quality efforts to a model of orchestrated supply chain excellence. We’re excited to see this shift taking place among many of our clients.

One of the most interesting aspects of this story is CCC’s focus on the people who actually do the work – the machine operators. The company very clearly understands that they have to build success in this effort from the ground up. That movement tells me that this is a developmental journey. You can’t make the leap to supply chain excellence without paying attention to the fundamentals. You have to engage the people doing the work at the local level.

Pay Back

Another important part of the story is that this effort is paying the company back in very concrete ways. The company was understandably reluctant to share hard numbers with us, but they report that just bringing attention to product weights has helped bring about a significant reduction in Costs of Goods Sold.

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