From time to time I receive support phone calls asking if there is way to see who changed the Specification Limits of a Standard, or if the data was edited (or deleted for that matter). My response typically starts out with, “Well, it depends on your Audit Trail settings.” Or, “Have you checked to see what is in your Audit Trail?”

AuditThe Audit Trail has been a part of GainSeeker since the early versions of GainSeeker 7.x. (GainSeeker fun fact!) This useful module, if not known about, hardly gets noticed.  When I train on the System Administration module / Utility module I make sure to focus on this little hidden gem!

If you have permissions to do so, take a look at your Audit Trail.  If you do not have permissions and you think you should, then ask your GainSeeker administrator if you can have permissions.   If you are in System Administration, you can click on File->Audit Trail.  From the Launch Pad you can click on GainSeeker Utility and then Audit Trail.  If this is the first time you are viewing this module I would recommend clicking on the Filter button instead of the View button first.  We can use a date filter to limit how much activity we see.  It’s quite possible you have years of activity in there and that would take a long time to open. If you would like to go over what is in there or how to change the settings, then call our support team at 574-533-0571, extension 2!

This is also a good time for me to remind you that if you are on support your upgrades ARE included (for free) with your Maintenance program. If you are not on 8.5.2 click here to request your free copy!

Still have a question?  Use our Ask an Expert page. If you do not have GainSeeker yet I would urge you to schedule a demo!  Oh, and do not forget to them that Jen sent ya.