Computer construction/MaintenanceYes, I said it: “Database maintenance.”

Are you the IT person who cringes when your database starts slowing down and someone says, “This is dog-slow! Why is this taking so long?”

Maintenance on your database server is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  The good news is that once you set up a routine maintenance program for GainSeeker Suite, it does not have to be THAT bad.  If this is something that you just do not have time to do – well, that is okay too. We can help.

Imagine this: You open GainSeeker Charts and choose your standard, chart, and settings.  You click OK and wait… and wait. The next thing you know you get a “run-time 0 time out error.”  One of two things you most likely do:

  • Call IT (unless you are IT) or
  • Call Hertzler Systems’ support

I am glad you call us. We can explain to you what is happening, and help you eliminate the error immediately.

What we’ll do is help you modify a system-wide property in the configuration settings in GainSeeker System Administration.  Only someone with proper access can change the Query Timeout setting.  It defaults to 30 seconds.  This means if the query to the database server takes longer than 30 seconds GainSeeker will give up searching and “time out.”  It is a safety net to warn you it is time to perform maintenance. (Fun fact!)  Changing the Query Timeout setting only takes care of the error, but not the problem.  Your database server needs some maintenance!

So, what can you do?  What you do next depends on what type of database you have, and even which version of the database you’re using. Some next steps might be to update statistics and re-index the database.  These options are only available with certain versions of SQL Server.  Simply performing these actions on a regular basis results in a more efficient database.

We also provide scripts for archiving your SQL data.  This keeps your active data set small so everything runs faster. We don’t charge for these scripts if you have a current maintenance agreement with us.

Some of our customers do not have an onsite Database Administrator to perform these functions for them.  In that case we are happy to provide the service for you; however, this is not included in your maintenance agreement and is a chargeable service.  I would recommend you ask for our “Tune-Up” service.  It is a specially discounted two days of service available only to our HertzlerNet members. The Tune-Up can be performed onsite or remotely

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do some database maintenance!

If you do not have our newest version (today we’re shipping 8.6.1) and you are on our awesome HertzlerNet support plan then you can request your FREE upgrade on this page If you have not taken the time to look at our newest features in GainSeeker, I urge you to contact your Account Manager to get the latest scoop on these enhancements.

Still have a question?  Use our Ask an Expert page. If you do not have GainSeeker yet I would urge you to schedule a demo!  Oh, and do not forget to tell them that Jen sent ya.