Greetings everyone!!  Let me shamelessly plug our next GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE webinar.  It is April 19th and the topic is on our new and improved GainSeeker Desktops in version 8.9! (Link to register is at the bottom.) With this topic in mind, I thought to myself, “I wonder if everyone knows about or uses GainSeeker Desktops in the first place?”

GainSeeker Desktops 101

A GainSeeker Desktop is a window that contains any SPC charts, DMS charts, and dashboards that you want to store and display together for occasional or regular use.  This feature compliments your daily/weekly/monthly meetings.  Why? Because you produce the same charts each time, but with different date ranges.  Desktops are a quick way to display these important charts without having to re-create each one each time.  This feature is definitely a time saver!  Below is an example display of a possible GainSeeker desktop.

GainSeeker Desktops Example

Typical GainSeeker Desktop with many data presentations

GainSeeker Desktops 201

Now that you have a good idea what desktops are all about, the next coolness factor with desktops is the Open/Edit feature.

GainSeeker Desktop

The Open / Edit Feature in GainSeeker Desktops

This allows you to:

  • Change date ranges for any or all of the charts.
  • Add or change filters for any or all the charts.
  • Change Standards (Part Number) for any or all the charts.

Open/Edit provides a quick and convenient way to copy desktops to use for different part numbers, or machines, etc.  It is another great tool to help our clients save time charting.

What’s New???

This brings me to the new GainSeeker version 8.9.  I heard many requests in my lifetime as a technician regarding the need for desktops to be more dynamic.  I used to get this question all the time:

“Hey Jen, can I build a desktop to show all the product weights that are running today?”

I would reply no, but… and figure out the best way to help them build what they needed.  Sometimes I would get questions which refer to displaying anything being tested from a particular machine or area.

I am so excited to announce I can now say, “YES YOU CAN!”  Want to see it in action? Here is a quick snapshot to get your mouth watering.  This picture represents creating a new desktop that dynamically changes depending on the parts that are running that day.

GainSeeker Desktops - Dynamic

Retrieval Screen to Dynamically Retrieve Only the Current Data

Join our webinar on April 19th at 2pm EST.  I  welcome Byron Shetler to demonstrate this powerful new feature and maybe even get him to show some other new items as well.  We reserve the last 15 minutes for question and answers too!  How often do you get the chance to ask our CTO (and one of our developers) your burning questions?? It will be fun and it’s only 30 minutes so register now.   Sign up here using the Registration Code GSTTL now! Save your spot!!!!