About four Tech Tips ago I wrote about one of the cool factors of GainSeeker 8.7: a new feature that sends you an alert if an inspection is overdue. This is such a cool new feature that I couldn’t wait to share it, and it might be enough to get you to download the new release.

I now feel I cannot let all the other new features hide in the darkness.  While I cannot mention all the awesomeness in the new version, I can point out some major wow factors and also direct you to the link that explains all the new awesomeness in GainSeeker 8.7.

Jen’s Top 5 list of enhancements with GainSeeker 8.7!!!!

5.  New Audit Trail Tab located within the Standard editor

Easily track all Standard changes with the Audit Trail Tab located inside the Standard edit tool.  You will not see the new tab until a value changes.  This is a great place to go when you need to know when you changed the specification limits of a Standard as well as what you changed them from!

New in GainSeeker 8.7 - Audit Trail Tab on Standards Editor

GainSeeker 8.7 Audit Trail Makes Accountability Easier

4.  Camera or webcam now supported for PC Collect data entry

If there is a camera or webcam connected to your tablet or workstation, you may now utilize it to take pictures or use it for scanning bar-codes!  Previously, our mobile version solely owned this capability.  I chose this feature for my top 5 list because I know many of our customers requested this capability.  Seeing customer requests in our enhancements always give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

By making it even easier to link GainSeeker data to pictures, analysts have another way to investigate problems and find root causes. This helps lower business costs and get higher margins.

GainSeeker 8.7 Supports Built in Camera

GainSeeker 8.7 supports built-in cameras on tablets and laptops

3.  Python script editor redesigned for ease of use

Some of you do not care about this feature, and that is quite O.K.  For my code writers out there – you know who you are – you may think this should be the number one enhancement feature.  The Python Script Editor has been completely redesigned to improve ease of use and save time when creating and editing scripts. This new editor IS backwards compatible, so fear not the old code still functions as designed. If you utilize this new editor, I welcome your feedback and hope you like the new design as well.

GainSeeker 8.7 has a new Python editor that is easier to use.

GainSeeker 8.7 has a new Python editor that is easier to use.

2.  Speed improvement

For GainSeeker Charts, Inspections, PC Collect, Dynamic Reports, and GainSeeker Utility, when loading a long list of Standards you will notice a speed improvement up to 20 times faster!

… and my #1 enhancement choice is….. (drum roll please)….

1. The client installer package is redesigned for GainSeeker 8.7!!!!

(Applause)  Installation at its best!  Now, it is only necessary to specify database connection information the first time the GainSeeker client is installed on the network.  This simplifies the installation process and better helps support silent installations.  Our development department also created a much easier way to import licenses (or add users).

This makes it far easier to automatically push updated versions of GainSeeker Suite down to the workstation when a user logs into the system. Workstations stay up-to-date with the latest release. IT staff doesn’t have to go to the plant and physically update each workstation. All this saves time, and time is money!

To read the full list of improvements with this exciting version click here.

Still have a question?  Use our Ask an Expert page.  If you do not have GainSeeker yet, I urge you to schedule a demo! Oh, and if you tell them Jen sent ya, I will sit in on the demo with you to help answer any technical questions you may have.