Digitizing data saves time and moneyOne of GainSeeker’s best features is reading data from RS232 devices.  I hope our current customers utilize this feature.  If you have RS232 gauges, but not connected to GainSeeker, you are missing out on being more productive!!! Stop right here and call me.  Seriously! Why make the operators type in the same data the gauges are displaying when we can program to read the data right from the device?!

PC Collect is the new generation of data entry

Our next generation of data entry is PC Collect.  I highlighted this module a few months ago. If you did not read that post, it’s not too late.   Inspections are created with the Inspection Editor module to use with PC Collect.  When the Inspection Editor first came out RS232 devices were not simple to configure.  You had to write code in Python to connect to the devices.  Since our developers are always working hard to improve GainSeeker for our customers, they made this process easier.  As a result,  I am happy to say we have a “device profile propertyinside the Inspection Editor!!!

What does this mean for you?


Serial Port Setup makes it easy to set up and reuse device set up information.

You use this device profile property to configure and test out your RS232 connections all in one window!  We even allow advanced features such as sending commands to the device, or manipulate the data when it comes back over.  You name it you can do it ! Take a look at the property dialog to the right.

You will notice you can save these settings. Once a device has been configured you can add these profiles to multiple Inspections.

If you do not have our newest version (today we’re shipping 8.5.2) and you are on our awesome HertzlerNet support plan then you can request your FREE upgrade on this page!  If you have not taken the time to look at our newest features in GainSeeker, I urge you to contact your Account Manager to get the latest scoop on these enhancements.

Still have a question?  Use our Ask an Expert page. If you do not have GainSeeker yet I would urge you to schedule a demo!  Oh, and do not forget to tell them that Jen sent ya.