GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE is a monthly webinar hosted by Hertzler Systems team members. During each session our team dives into a specific topic with examples, solutions and new ideas you can implement immediately. Set aside 30 minutes, at 2 pm (est) the third Thursday of each month and join us!

Because it is a live webinar, we are happy to take your burning questions and give you the inside scoop on how to maximize the benefits GainSeeker provides.

Future Tech Tip LIVE Webinars: (3rd Thursday @ 2pm)

May 19, 2022 – Python Series – Accessing external systems (Registration)

June 16, 2022 – GainSeeker Side Panel optimization (Registration)

August 18, 2022 – Tuning GainSeeker Visualizations (Registration)

The next Tech Tips LIVE Webinar:

  • Topic: Python Series – Individual Tests
  • When: April 21 , 2022, 2pm (et)
  • Where & How: Registration (MS Teams Webinar)

Recent Tech Tips LIVE Webinars:

February 2022: Python Series – Sub-Inspections

The Python series continues focusing on its use with Sub-Inspections. Learn how to tune Inspections to get the most from shop floor data collection.

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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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December  2021: End of the year Round-table

Hertzler team members sat down for an end of the year round-table. Hear about significant projects and what we are seeing out in the field of manufacturing quality.

November 2021: Transformation – Templates to Inspections

This months TTL discusses the advantages of moving to Inspections from Templates. Every technology change brings advantages that until we take the leap and advance one cannot realize them.

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Tech Tips LIVE Archive

Past recordings of Tech Tips LIVE are available on our Youtube channel. These include:

Dynamic Reports 2 This TTL demonstrates the enhancements delivered with Dynamic Reports 2. Users ability to tailor reports with GainSeeker data is improved. Reliabilty and speed are improved as well.
GainSeeker Server Edition A powerful extension for automating the delivery of data visualizations. We cover publishing visualization like charts and dashboards as well as the ability to automate a variety of tasks.
GainSeeker Security Inside and Out.
Review the security features built into GainSeeker. We also discuss the importance of security outside GainSeeker at an operating system and database level.
What is new in GainSeeker 9.3  Get a peek at 7 new features in the latest release of GainSeeker. New language support for data entry and enhanced visualizations for data entry are a couple of the highlights. December 2019
GainSeeker Charts Tech Tips LIVE reviews the capabilities of GainSeeker Charts and provides users with tips and tricks to get their most out of their data.  November 2019
Real-time Alerts Phil Mason and Chris Bowman review the real-time alerts available in GainSeeker and some ideas for how to get that information to the right people.  September 2019
Wizards – Behind the Curtain Host Phil Mason and Hertzler Systems President Byron Shetler show how Wizards in GainSeeker can save hours of time when performing in-depth analysis.  August 2019
Paper check sheets to Digital
Paper check sheets are common the shop floor. This TTL discusses how to take a checksheet and digitize it. Eliminate the paper but give shop floor personnel a similar process on a computer.  June 2019
Custom Statistic walk through Have a unique statistic that is outside the common SPC stats? You can add it to GainSeeker.  May 2019
What’s New in 9.2 Hertzler Systems continues to incorporate advanced AI into GainSeeker.  April 2019
Artificial Intelligence in GainSeeker Wizards, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and language analysis to avoid “garbage” in user notes.  March 2019
Approval Process and PDF generation Automatically generate pdf files from within GainSeeker.  February 2019
Top 5 WOW Factors during training Inspections, artificial intelligence for notes, drill-down Pareto charts, grouping SPC charts by traceability and the SPC Variation Wizard, and charting data that is not stored in GainSeeker (including pasting an Excel sheet of data into GainSeeker).  January 2019
What’s New in 9.1 What’s new in GainSeeker 9.1. Host, Jen Miklic, along with CTO Byron Shetler and CSD Data Specialist David Carroll, try to figure out the most popular enhancement of version 9.1.  October 2018
Migrating from Templates to Inspections Tips on moving from SPC Data Entry templates to GainSeeker Inspections for data entry.  July 2018
Dynamic Desktops and Dashboards Dynamic Desktops and Dashboards with version 8.9.  April 2018
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Using GainSeeker to collect, report, and analyze OEE data.  January 2018