A couple weeks ago I published an audio interview with Jay Bronec about his ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment when he realized that he was spending valuable company time doing non-value-added work. In that interview he described how he is automating his company’s KPIs by integrating our CRM and Web data using GainSeeker.

Today I followed up with him to see how that project was coming. He took me on a webex tour of his project and I was impressed. He is using GainSeeker Suite to mine data and analyze his target market. Then he ports that over to Minitab for some advanced regression analysis that predicts class size based on how many people have registered for the class and how many days are left to sign people up. It is very cool.

But after we talked for a while, I turned on the tape recorder and asked him a question:

“Jay, whats the value you’re offering your customers? Why does it matter to people if they implement GainSeeker and get training in an economy like we have today? Why would anybody want to spend money on that today when things are crashing around us?”

For a little over seven minutes we discuss the Data Cost / Data Value Matrix and how it applies to saving money in an uncertain economy. We touch on dashboards, CMM (Coordination Measuring Machine) data collection, and how real-time data can catch problems before you waste a day’s production.

Follow this link to hear some great insights into the value of real-time automated data.